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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Office Masoori Trip

Finally by bus we got into Masoori,

                       Differentiated room arranged by Sh manori.

1’st day starts with DJ night,

                                             Crazy Articles with buzz smite.

In two days trip with full Make-up kit,

                                                 Boys tried best to look as fit.

Girls with bunch of attire gadget

                                         Showed it all to whom she met.

Those Articles having hotel’s labour room

                        Rare stayed there to enjoy beauty boom

2’nd day we visited Kempty Fall,

                       Male stripped off to attract babe enthral

Although shivering with cold and chilled pale chick,

                          But ignored all to be in girl’s photo click.

Kothari got new talent of Shayar face,

           Explored theirShayri to impress her with grace.

During bone fire they tried their best

           (So sad !!) Listening HIS Shayri SHE moved her nest.

Now we come to Fun valley,

                                           A great chance- to dance belly

Ignoring tummy- boys dare to nake,

                                           So as to catch baby’s eye take

After all we back to delhi

                                     Again now audit and classes daily.


  1. great one bro!! never knew u write also.... kp up the good work

    1. Thanks a lot sir....plsr to hear frm u .. :)

  2. Its Awesome....Keep writing like this...

    1. hi.most welcum...nice to hear from u ... sure ..thanks ..

  3. Very nice poem yaar saurab, whenever i read this, i go back to the memories of Luxurious trip arranged for us. Finally i have commented today.


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