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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Soothing Voice......................

 My tearful homage to the legend Sh Jagjeet  Singh

Dipped in sorrow
                           The painful heart .
Can't get solace
                      leaving Ghazal apart .

My search of calm
                        Got certain thwart
The day i heard
                          End    of an   art .

The addict audience
                           of soothing voice
whose life was to -
                      making all us rejoice .

End of an Era -
                          in music industry
maestro of ghazal
                  and his voice mystery .

Still we'll listen his voice magic
         and trace out heal to our heart,
mesmerizing voice of Jagjeet Singh
            always serve as tranquil dart !!

 Paying tribute to the legend art ,
     whose ghazal are saurabh's soul part !!

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