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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ignite to unite against corruption fight

Revealed corruption and Anna’s fight,
             Ramlila witnessed peoples ignite.

Stirred anger of Aam Aadmi,
                                   Now on road to express their right.

Tremendous support of every class
                                   Fasting Anna to let LOKPAL pass,
Playing war of words -the govt. tyrant
                               Diving in dark- doing national prank.

The whole country is against corruption
                                Govt. arrogance of Ruling addiction,
How long people carry patience within?
                               Public voice- Last nail in the coffin.

An           urge           to      public
                                  To     through   this   Govt.    out .
Shameless          Govt.      
                            Full        of           lickers              clout.
This youth aggregation in India’s history
                               Sign of peoples frozen power mystery.

Shaken congress in corruption fight,
                                  Undreamed reality of ignite to unite.

                                “Vande Matram”

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