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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Facebook Block:My Personal Story

Although i write only on national issues to my blog but this i'd to write because its also the umbilical cord that forms part of our life atleast once...Hope u'r not so unfortunate of what she did to me............ !!

I never tear out
                  why she left ?
Never let me down 
            of what she theft !!

She never replied 
                                    the Raison D'etre 
I never asked of 
                                      her mind precept !!

She continued with 
                                         what she kept
I never tried 
                                           to know her sect !!

I never ignored 
                      when tried favour
I ever adored 
                      when she needs to talk
If every thing was from her side
           Should i wary of friendship lock ??

I'm not gonna weep
                  on kiddish torts
Nor will cry of 
                your selfish sorts!!

keep in mind 
               the nature's art
 Certain to pay 
              for hurting heart !!

I never write 
               for personal quest
Never share
                  My personal talk
Wrote first poem
                    On her request
This last one 
                        on facebook block !!


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