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Friday, August 28, 2015

#GiveItUp But Why ?

Sleepless night hunger strike,
                         Couldn’t afford inflation and hike !!

Ambitions pinched by year’s poverty,
                              Shattered vision & family fight !!

Dark future although vigor inside,
                             Wide scope and vision-less sight !!

Snatched everything for political height,
                                  Quota spoiled Mighty & Bright !!
GENERAL paying for being UPPER, Forced poverty & quality filter
                         Crowned Dustbins our Honorable to feel guilty of our TITLE ever??

Who cares those talents, their brilliancy intellect?
                                                          Ate all budding power like poisonous sect !!

The rich and richer still begging Reservation,
                             With inefficiency & impotency betting reputation??

Who will end this caste politics, Who will cease this Quota culture?
                                     Save talent and brilliancy for dignity positions from goons & vulture??

PM says for #GiveitUp and urges to be generous for underprivileged
                 Will he ensure for QUOTA #GiveUp on humanitarian ground from position hedged?

Whose position is bliss of Reservation and family enjoys the unwanted treat
                 Never worthy for such treatment, cheat GENERAL with reservation bleat.

Yes!! We are ready for #GiveItUp and for society up-liftment,
                                                  We always did this at own cost still playing with sentiments?

Stop mocking the generation, who want to grow with skills inbuilt,
                        You can’t become a great nation with Reservation, filter and birth guilt.


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