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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Deepotsav in Ayodhya : Rejoicing the whole Ramayana Circuit

UP CM Yogi Adityanath has stolen the heart of Indians and Indian Community across the globe for returning us our pride and glory and a chance to visualize and recall the Ayodhya , Lord Rama and the grandeur of RamRajya .
Lord Ram returning to Ayodhya
A small step to celebrate Deepotsav in Ayodhya today in the very style and fashion ( to some extent ) of actual arrival of Lord Rama in Ayodhya after Lanka victory is going to be a heart touching moment for the community across the globe and country obviously.
Ofcourse this step of Yogi Adityanath will not only cover up the Hon. Supreme Court's order of banning Crackers; as the real crackers of happiness and joy will now burst out in the heart of the community deprived of to rejoice their own pride, but also opens up a hope of the revival of the whole Ramayana Circuit to reestablish the faith with tourism as also decided by Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Sate Government

The country which has been under attack and influence of invaders for thousands of year and post effect of crushing and covering up of the ethos and culture of this country by the post independence governments (centre and state) for the vote bank and appeasement of other communities, did an unrepairable job; which the present government is trying to repair and bring back.

Uttar Pradesh, which is a state of God’s birth place and His Glorious stories as played, practiced and performed, was forced to be recognized only by the colonial and Mughal monuments built on the demolition and destruction of the holy places of Hindus to let the community feel guilt of their own culture and belief system and cover up the great tradition and religion of Indians.

Previous governments projected Tajmahal in every official advertisement as the only historical monument which was actually built by the Sarjahan as again on the demolished Hindu worship place as well exposed with structural proofs in the book of Sh. P. N. Oak: Truth of Tajmahal, who perfectly elaborated the illogical and dubious meaning to the name as such “Taj” and “Mahal” and its fake history of symbol of love as befooled by paid historians. 

Further, To name a few, Ajodhya, Mathura, Kashi - only three in UP if we take as an example; anybody can visit and observe the cruelty of mind of the Mughal invaders who demolished and destructed the Hindu worshiping places to built a mosque with temple materials itself .They not only ruled and looted this country but also tried their best to eliminate the Indian culture and religion i.e. Hindu.

Successive governments after independence did the same cruelty to demean and push back the Hindu religion by propagating through all means the invaders monumental remnant and domicile places as main identity of the culture and state.

Among the various development and growth centric decisions of both the governments, these steps of returning lost pride and identity to this country and reviving the God’s places as a respect to the millions of the worshipers across the world, will not only bring prosperity and growth through local and global tourism but also guide the coming generation to learn and practice of what is Ramrajya and how enriched the Hindu culture and rituals are.

Reminiscing the return of Lord Ram to Ayodhya, the event today will seek to create the celebratory atmosphere witnessed in Ayodhya on Lord Rama's return along with wife Sita and brother Lakshman, after victory over Ravana, as narrated in the epic Ramayana.

Today Ayodhya is rejoicing as explained by Goswami Tulsidas Ji :

इहाँ भानुकुल कमल दिवाकर कपिन्ह देखावत नगर मनोहर
सुनु कपीस अंगद लंकेसा पावन पुरी रुचिर यह देसा ॥१॥

जद्यपि सब बैकुंठ बखाना बेद पुरान बिदित जगु जाना
अवधपुरी सम प्रिय नहिं सोऊ यह प्रसंग जानइ कोउ कोऊ ॥२॥

जन्मभूमि मम पुरी सुहावनि उत्तर दिसि बह सरजू पावनि
जा मज्जन ते बिनहिं प्रयासा मम समीप नर पावहिं बासा ॥३॥

अति प्रिय मोहि इहाँ के बासी मम धामदा पुरी सुख रासी
हरषे सब कपि सुनि प्रभु बानी धन्य अवध जो राम बखानी ॥४॥

आवत देखि लोग सब कृपासिंधु भगवान
नगर निकट प्रभु प्रेरेउ उतरेउ भूमि बिमान ()   


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