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Sunday, January 23, 2011

If he had Ghandhi title .........!!!

We often talk about patriotism and sacrifice for country to be practiced by country men ,political leaders ,officials  and others particularly when we face exploitation & threat within and outside of country .A man whose whole life was for the country and got unknown and unnatural death ,fought for the freedom of the country ,whose existence was the disturbance of British rule then has become an iconic symbol to be remembered only on 15'th August and on 26'th January . leaders of post Independence get much priority in media than the one who let them become leaders of country . in our school pedagogy and also in colleges we rare found biography on Indian icons to be taught and learnt by our buddies .they are apathetic with the national issues and concerns because they never have heard and learnt about patriotism story of our great men except the course syllabus with the clearly laid and imposed objective to study just to grab a good job in future .
It is the media which fills this educational gap of untouched stories and great events of country and its grandeur ancient past .it was a few months ago when almost every news papers were covered with the glorious stories of Gandhi family on their birth & martyr anniversary and other than the advertisement of Government, number of people have personally publicised their wishing with related party logo .
A few days back we celebrated birth anniversary of Swami Vivekanand and today is the birth anniversary of Subhash Chandra Bosh ;glory of whom is needless to describe which is known to not only to our country but to the world as well .
No need to tell about the media coverage on this auspicious day to describe and appraise us with the life journey of these icons who are role model of foreigners also .perhaps they have no space for the coverage because they are only dead bodies to them which bears no cost today as it happens to the Gandhi family whose praise provides them all desired opportunities .

                         " Kab tak bhulaoge unki shahadat ko ,Kabhi to tarsoge unki aahat ko !!

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