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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lost Anguish or Gone Paralyzed

 This is on the prevailing irresponsible behavior of ministers of the ruling government against price rise in essential goods and on national issues -

Rising price with leaps & bound
                               growing image of gambler's ground !!

Spreading salt on people's  wound
                                but Govt. says "No proof found"     !!

Unearthed scams & known public loot
                        indifferent Govt. against legal public suit !!

Difficult to survive for Aam Aadmi
                 puzzled with gas,petrol,vegetable & Fruit      !!

RSS & hindu terror are now main issues
                             using CBI to make public confuse     !!

frozen public with tainted news
                         lost courage to question public fund use !!

Neither Govt nor public galvanized
                          lost Anguish or Gone paralyzed          !!

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