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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Gadkari Controversy:Ethical inquiry by rapist of ethics

“Sarkari Damad” gets NOC,
                                      Haryana Govt found no guilty.
Who’s unaware with corrupt intimacy?
                                        Why to faith impotent's ability ?
Kejariwal has become a toy now
                           Tried to be hero to give public -a wow!
Whom wanna target not sure self,
                             Heading to Netagiri don’t know how?
Chastened with corruption all round,
                               Everyday revelation leaps and bound
Ethical rapist of this country-
                    Congress trying to throw their muddy wound
Sought enquiry for Poorti Suger,
                                Beleaguered with Vadra’s land deliver
Shameless pirates of this country-
                                      Going to prove their failure as ever!!

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