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Friday, February 12, 2016

Ideological Terrorism (वैचारिक आतंकवाद) :बिहार की बेटी "इशरत जहाँ" से शहीद "अफज़ल गुरु " तक

"हम लड़ के लेंगे ..! आज़ादी" ...... ,"तुम एक अफज़ल मरोगे ,घर घर से अफज़ल निकलेगा " ..."पाकिस्तान  ज़िंदाबाद .."  these throaty roaring slogans were part of JNU’s so called cultural program organized to commemorate and protest  “Afzal Guru’s Judicial Death” on 9th of Feb.

Media ,except Zee News was silent (as always this gang do if it is the case of pseudo secularists and more clearly if it is against the India by such terror supporting Indians who are actually agent of terrorists and works here as sleeper cells) on this gross national shame which was busy just few days back applauding terrorist Afzal Guru’s son who scored very good marks in the school like no student in India did before this and like he was the son of his great martyr father sacrificed for nation ?

Same people were staging to mourn Yakoob Menon’s death in Hyderabad University through Rohit Vemula who finally took suicide aftermath of his expulsion from university following aspersions of his anti national involvement and misleading innocent student to sedition .

After years of trail ,hearing ,court decision ,repeated mercy petition ,concerted campaign from so called secularists against the decision and verdict and finally accent of President of India on the death penalty of both of the two Muslim specially (who are role model for few Muslims today) like others for their lawful evident hand in terrorism; they were hanged till death .

I was listening the versions of organizer of program and JNUSU president on a news debate yesterday lauding and certifying self for what they did and claim it well constitutional as their freedom of expression .

Ridiculously ,he was also of the view that they have full right to oppose and voice this way as no court , no judge ,no political system and party can hold them guilty to celebrate the death anniversary of  terrorists and in-fact the invitation poster well publicized name of terrorists with pics for whom they sat to mourn and challenge the integrity of India with slogans – "हम लड़ के लेंगे ..! आज़ादी"….. 
As always only ABVP was there to protest against this anti nationalism and seditionist act being voiced in the university campus openly by AISA ,SFI as they are doing across the Indian universities It seems for protecting the nationalism in the country and  in universities only ABVP has role and all other student unions are for the support and nurturing of terrorism in country ??

The great shame of nation CM Kejriwal rushed to Hyderabad for Vemula but kept mum with his newly born student wing in Delhi supporting silently the act with NSUI??? However his intent in politics and purpose is now clear to all as during last 3 years his political stands and move is enough evident to prove of whose hand he is a playboy and why he is in politics.

After analyzing the incidence one after another (from cry of intolerance, Award Wapasi ,Rohit Vemula...) you can sense the frustration of those anti nationals and terror supporting outfits who ruled India and states (still in few states but oust from main politics for which again tying with congress to fight west Bengal ) with congress and others  for years and destroyed it to the will they wanted to and as the enemy countries desired so to control India and its whole political system .

Spreading venom through education system and student union is not a new but is continue by communists and leftist since years by writing framed and malafide  history of India and Indian heros and connivance with traitors and terrorists time to time. 
They then conspired our freedom fighters and still alive to swallow the bright generation of growing India .Their losing ground is disturbing them all and to regain the power they are so much disparate that they have adopted agenda of terrorist and separatist to appease them so as to get fund and support of Muslim community as they still believe, Muslims only vote for anti nation and pro muslim voice in a secular India ?
And this is why LeT suiside bomber Ishrat Jahan becomes Nitish Kumar’s “बिहार की बेटी ” and death of Afzal ,Bhatt ,Menon celeberated as शहीद  with support of these political parties .

Thanks to home minister who vowed and reassured today to take stern action against these traitors and terror supporting sleeper cells .

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